Box Day Special Offer

Schrödinger's Cat Cluebox - Box Day

International Box Day

19th June is the International Box Day. How is it connected with cats? Cat owners definitely know the answer! Cats just love boxes and to get inside them!
International Box day celebrates the sweet relationship between cats and boxes, and it is a good reason to give extra care to your cat.

Why do cats love boxes so much?

Simply because a box gives a feeling of safety due to limited space. They get in the box and feel the same comfort as you feel in your bed when you pull over the blanket.

Schrödinger's Cat Puzzle Box

If you don't have a cat yet, you can get if from us already in the box - Cluebox Schrödinger's Cat! You'll have to solve the puzzle to set the cat free from the Box! How do you like such a challenge?

Special Offer and Coupon Code

To celebrate the Box Day, we have organized a special offer.
From 19th to 26th June you can get 10% off your TOTAL ORDER in our shop if you have Schrödinger's Cat Cluebox or Schrödinger's Cat Megabox in your basket! Use the coupon code BOXDAY10 to get the discount.

Have fun on this purry day!

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