CluePuzzle - The Revolution in Puzzle Gaming

Experience the cutting-edge concept of CluePuzzle, where traditional jigsaw mechanics fuse with the excitement of an escape adventure. Unlock the puzzle box piece by piece and unravel the mystery of the Pyramid of the Sun!

Jigsaw Puzzle and Escape Adventure in one!

CluePuzzle reinvents the traditional jigsaw puzzle experience by combining it with a dynamic, goal oriented escape adventure. Dive into the challenge as you piece together over 200 wooden puzzles, discovering hidden clues and solving logical tasks along the way.

Intriguing Mechanisms

In CluePuzzle, putting together the jigsaw puzzle pieces triggers the hidden mechanisms of the escape box. Each side provides a unique combination of a puzzle motive and mechanics, creating an immersive game experience.

Puzzle Your Way to Unlock the Mystery!

Do the jigsaw puzzles

The first step in conquering the challenge of the pyramid of sun is to assemble the jigsaw puzzle motive.

Open the locks

As soon as the picture is complete, certain mechanisms can be activated and locks can be opened

Reveal the secret

Unlock the secret mechanisms side after side to open the CluePuzzle and reveal the secret of the Pyramid of Sun!!

A Puzzle for Every Mind

Whether you're a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of brain teasers, CluePuzzle offers an inclusive gaming experience that transcends age and skill level.

Sustainable Long-lasting Game and Decor

Once you've conquered the pyramid, reset the game for other players to play or proudly display it as a decorative wooden masterpiece in your home.

Up to 500+ Puzzle Pieces!

Change the looks of the pyramid using one of the two additional illustration sets on top of the basic layer. A total of 500+ puzzle pieces to ensure exclusively high replayability!