Christmas Card - Hints

One ornament fell down. Which one is it?

The ornaments need to be hung up in order. There are different numbers of repeating patterns and colors.

The colors follow the order „red, green blue, yellow“, the patterns „waves, zigzag, heart, nothing, curve“. Due to the different number of colors and patterns different combinations result.

When hanging the ornaments in the correct oder, the following message is revealed: „Follow the colors start with red“

The first puzzle gives a hint where to start.

There are two elements to this puzzle: the grid on the second page and another element on that same page.

Follow the colors of the ribbon starting with red.

The ribbon runs across the whole card. Follow its course and mark the corresponding colors in the grid, also starting with the red arrow.

When following the same colors in the grid as on the ribbon, the following message can be read: „Star onto star“.

Which stars are visible on the card?

What happens when both stars are folded so that they touch?

When folding the card backwards so that the stars touch, the following text can be read from the ornament cutouts: „Merry Christmas to you“!

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