Easter Card - Hints

Paint colorfully, but with one color only!

Paint in all areas of the egg which contain the letters „COLORFULLY“.

The colored area resembles a symbol. Follow the implied instruction of this symbol.

The card should be cut along the white dotted line, so that the egg on the front page is completely cut out.

„See through“ has two meanings.

The cut out area of the egg encloses a set of letters on the third page. These need to be read in a specific way. The eye gives a hint.

Reading the letters inside the cut out area from top left to bottom right reveals the following message: „Connect pattern pairs on point“.

Only the pattern is relevant, not the color.

When connecting all eggs with the same pattern at the small black dot, a set of letters remains. Read from top to bottom.

The following message remains: „Rabbit onto remaining“.

What is remaining? This refers to an object from a previous puzzle.

One egg doesn’t have a partner. But where is the „rabbit“ from the clue?

The eye of the rabbit from the last page needs to be folded to lie on top of the dot of the remaining egg.

After folding the card, the numbers on the last page each connect to a line on the second page. But one piece is missing.

The cut out egg needs will show the correct connections.

When turning the cut out egg upside-down and laying it onto the paths so that the dashed line runs along the cutout, new pathways will emerge.

When tracking the paths to the letters in the order of the numbers, the following final message is revealed: „You are great“!

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