Christmas Card 2 - Hints

Read the letters on the glowing bulbs (the cutouts) in the correct order

The card can be folded in different ways without creating new creases.

The letters of „PUZZLE“ are intentionally colorful.

Fold the card six times, so that the bulbs of the same color can be seen through the glowing cutouts on each page. Read the letters on every page ranging them according to the numbers beside the cutouts. The order of the pages matches the order of the colors in the word „PUZZLE“.

The solution is „Dots arrange the black bulbs“.

The solution of Puzzle 1 and the text for Puzzle 2 are related.

All the pages are important for this puzzle as well.

There are small dots and black bulbs On each page of the card.

The number and position of the dots indicate the order of letters on the black bulbs.

Sort the letters on the black bulbs for each page separetely. Read them increasing in quantity of letters. („they get more and more“).

The solution is „Punch holes in knots on presents“.

Take a thin sharpened object and pierce all the ribbon knots on the page with presents. The holes should be visible on the reverse side of the card.

The length of each word is important.

Arrange the words by length and then read the letters marked by the holes.

The solution is „PAINT BLUE RED“.

Fill in the gaps of Puzzle 4 with the solution text from Puzzle 3 (the same on both pages belonging to this puzzle).

Note the difference in the texts below two mosaics.

The card can be folded so that both pages belonging to this puzzle are side-by-side.

Paint the mosaic pieces with a black color according to the instructions under each mosaic.

If you paint correctly, you will see letters in the mosaic. Read the letters looking at both mosaic pages side-by-side. Put the solution words into the phrase near one of the mosaics.

The solution is „Have a FANTASTIC holiday with lots of JOY“!

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