Birthday Card - Hints

Start with the cover and take a close look. Can you spot instructions?

The small text on the cake reads „halve the card“. But which way?

A pair of scissors in the middle of the card shows how to halve the card. Cut along the dashed line!

Now that the card is split into two pieces, light up the candles by placing the flames behind the cutouts.

Did you spot the arrows on the wicks pointing downwards?

Move the upper piece with the cake downwards. Letters will show inside the cutouts. If you have difficulties reading them, squint your eyes or look at a greater distance.

Inside the cutouts, you can read the text „HOLD AGAI NSTL IGHT“. Adjusting the spaces, this reads „hold against light“.

Hold both edges of the card piece with the flames against a bright light source. 

Against the light, the following text should be visible: „heart on heart downward – then read off the stars“.

There are two sets of hearts. Put the one with the letters on top of the other.

Move down the card piece with the lettered hearts.

Watch out for the stars appearing above the letters!

When moving the card downward and reading off the letters at the positions where the stars appear, the following text can be read: „read every third“.

Which „third“ can be read? There is only one text left which hasn’t been used so far.

Read every third letter of the text above the personal greetings.

The final message reads „stay the way you are!“

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